Fall into Whiskey - Q&A with Bar Manager Jin Link

Salt & Iron Bar Manager Jin Link

Salt & Iron Bar Manager Jin Link

Autumn has arrived and at Salt & Iron that means football in high definition at the bar, dark delicious beers, and a deep dive into our extensive whiskey* collection. 

Who better to guide you around Edmond's best bar than our very own bar manager and whiskey expert, Jin Link. We have gathered a vast collection of whiskeys in our short one and half years on the corner of 4th Avenue and Main--from the American traditional Michter's to the sublime Glenmorangie Signet, and more than 60 in-between.

Jin started with Salt & Iron shortly after they opened and his expert hand-selection of beers and booze has shaped our entire drinks menu. In fact, Jin personally developed our Edmonds Signature Libations menu late last year. Salt & Iron co-owner Andrew Leckie explained at the time, “As an Edmonds business, the history of our town does have an influence on our current activities and Jin did an exceptional job of researching significant Edmonds historical events and people, and applying them to classic cocktails."

This tasty libations menu, as well as many other delectable drinks, can be explored seven nights a week at Salt & Iron.


Name: Jin Link

Title: Bar Manager, Salt & Iron

Bartending since: October 28, 2005

I knew I wanted to work behind a bar when: I started bussing tables at Scott's Bar & Grill when I was 16. As I observed how restaurants worked, I pretty quickly knew that I wanted to be a bartender. During slower times, I would sometimes just watch the bartenders work and try to pick up on what they were doing. The day after I turned 21 was my first shift behind the bar there. 

Proudest accomplishment behind the bar: The very real and true friendships I have made with so many of my regulars over the years.

Define the perfect cocktail: The one that fits the mood, occasion, or company. I mean, a Flor de Cana and ginger ale on a summer day with some reggae music is pure magic, but you wouldn't have it on a cold winter night. A cocktail like our Bollivar in front of the fireplace with a book seems like perfection to me as well.

I find inspiration in: The history and stories behind every cocktail.

Can’t mix drinks without: A good bar spoon, strainer, shaking tin, and a good understanding of cocktail theory.

At the end of my shift I pour myself: Whiskey or Branca Menta (Italian mint-flavored liqueur).

Favorite thing about working behind a bar: The people.

Least favorite thing about working behind a bar: The people [laughs].

Favorite drink to mix: You know, many people ask that question and there is no good answer. It's like asking, What is your favorite song or painting?

I’d be happy never mixing another: Mojito.

If bartenders had superpowers, mine would be: The ability to read minds. It seems like some people expect that of you, anyway [laughs]. Or go-go gadget arms!

The best piece of bartending advice I’ve ever received: When I was just about to start my first job, my dad told me two things about restaurants: Hustle and make friends with the guys in the kitchen. 

One thing I tell others about bartending: It's not as glamorous as it seems [laughs].

If I was a flavor I’d be: I'd like to think I'm savory!

If my bar shifts had a theme song it’d be: Well, it is a wish for me to walk in to the Top Gun theme song every day [laughs].

If I wasn’t bartending I’d be: Racing motorcycles would be my dream job. Or golfing--ambitious, I know...

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*Disclaimer: We know there are at least two ways to spell our favorite brown liquor: The Irish way (whiskey) and the Scottish way (whisky). For the sake of this post, we are siding with the Irish. For more information about the differences between Whiskey, Whisky, Scotch, Bourbon, and Rye check out this helpful post and then swing by Salt & Iron and have Jin show you the difference in person.

--by Contributing Writer Michael Dempsey