Salt & Iron is THE Place for Steak and Seafood in Edmonds!

"We'll share a dozen Kumamoto oysters and a medium-rare Cowboy Ribeye, please!"

It all sounds rather simple doesn't it? Shuck a few oysters, throw a steak on the grill...but it is not simple. It is not easy to do these right.

A dozen sweet and delicate Kumamoto's and a thick and juicy Cowboy Ribeye are plates we proudly serve seven nights a week. These ingredients are at the core of what Salt & Iron is all about. Top-shelf oysters and perfectly cooked steak have transformed Salt & Iron from a napkin-drawn-dream to the key reason our first year-and-a-half at the corner of 4th Avenue and Main Street has been a roaring, cheers-inducing success.

Our oysters come direct from Taylor Shellfish every other day. They are harvested, delivered, kept cool, and shucked right before serving. We don't jam an oyster knife in the hinge and pry it open, we pick the lock like this!

“We like Taylor (Shellfish) because they have farms in several locations up and down the West Coast. This allows for more variety in flavor profiles with their oysters. The Kumamoto oyster is sweet with a very mild brininess, making it more approachable for first time eaters. Some people describe a slightly fruity taste with a hint of honeydew melon.”

-Chef Alex Marek

We serve the best raw oysters in Edmonds any way you like them - with a side of lemon, a mignonette, a splash of Tabasco, or straightforward soaked in their own liquor like the ocean created - just as long as they are fresh and in-season.

“My favorite thing on the menu is our 24-ounce bone-in Cowboy Ribeye. The bone adds a depth of flavor to the meat and instead of grilling it, we butter-baste it with garlic and rosemary - which really infuses a wonderful flavor - and finish it off in the oven to perfection.”  

-Chef Alex Marek

Nearly all of our beef cuts are cooked perfectly over the grill, but the Cowboy Ribeye gets a little extra attention. Our skillful chefs French-baste it in butter, garlic, and rosemary before finishing to order in a hot oven and serving it with smashed potatoes and crispy onions.

Our mission to create a comfortable dining experience that features local oysters, steaks, and great American cuisine is alive and well, and provides an evening well spent in downtown Edmonds. We look forward to serving you soon!  


by Michael Dempsey, contributing writer