2016 - An Edmonds Kind of Year!

The Feedme Hospitality family grew immensely in 2016.  It was our eighth year of operation for Shooby Doo CateringBar Dojo’s fourth birthday, and Salt & Iron’s first full year of post-expansion service. 

In 2016, we served a combined total of about 300,000 guests, catered over 100 weddings, shucked over 225,000 oysters, and handmade no less than 36,400 dumplings!  We pride ourselves in our community involvement, and in 2016 we donated to numerous schools, local auctions, community arts and early education programs.  Sounds like an Edmonds Kind of Year if you ask me! 
We are lucky to have grown our family with such loving and caring individuals who take pride in their craft and aim for perfection on a daily basis.  Our hospitality group has always valued the benefits of being family-run, investing not only professionally into our employees, but personally and emotionally as well.  We always close for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day so our hard working team can spend that valuable time with their close ones.  In 2016, for the first time we were able to offer healthcare options company-wide including dental, vision, chiropractic, and mental health therapy. 
Our success relies on our community support and your love for delicious food and drinks!  We are grateful to be a part of the magic that makes Edmonds special.  As we ride into 2017, we aim to improve our craft and services with a happy and engaged team that can support their families and good quality of life.  We are proud to be of service to you, and look forward to many years ahead serving Edmonds and the Greater Seattle Area. 

Thank you so much and cheers to an amazing 2017 together!
Shubert Ho & Andrew Leckie & the entire FeedMe team