Dreams come true!

Courtesy of Petrichorphoto.com 

Courtesy of Petrichorphoto.com 

I've never been an avid blogger, but it has come to my attention that I should probably become one.  Many of my life experiences are very well documented (in my head), but who's to say that someday, I won't lose it all to brain sucking aliens or vampire robots!?  I'm writing today to bring you up to speed on what's been happening with our THIRD food venture: Salt & Iron.  This is going to become a regular thing (I think) and you'll hear from many of my teammates in their own voices, on what's new and exciting in our world of restaurants!

I'm Shubert Ho, Executive Chef and part owner of Feedme Hospitality which operates Shooby Doo Catering, Bar Dojo and Salt & Iron (all in Edmonds, WA).  My business partner Andrew Leckie and I run the show, not without the unconditional support of our wives Mira Ho and Ciara Leckie.  

It has always been a dream of mine to own a restaurant.  It's been an even bigger dream to own a steakhouse.  I mean, what high school kid goes out of his way to call Thursday: "Steak Night"!? Just so that he can invite his friends over to have free amateur meals made mostly of seared meat and grilled onions.  If you would have asked me then what I thought I'd be doing in 15 years, I probably would have said "I'll be a computer engineer and I plan on working at Microsoft".  It didn't take much to snap me out of that dream; calculus got in the way..  So I took it upon my self in community college to choose a career path that I thought I would love.  Here I am today with Salt & Iron, our prized oyster and steakhouse brought together by the team of very passionate people.  I can't tell you how luckly I am to have amassed such talent, that share the same ideals as I do for being creative and just a little crazy at the same time.  

Our mission is simple.  Provide a quality dining experience in the heart of Downtown Edmonds that features two of my favorite things: Oysters and Steak!  

That's it for now.  Next up: updates on our expansion into the infamous Butcher space next door!